Wines for your Christmas table

November 29, 2022

Wines for your Christmas table

It's never easy pleasing everyone, but a good wine selection can smooth over even the biggest festive Grinch come dinner time.


Dry and crisp whites like Riesling and fan favourite Sauvignon Blanc pair well with salty, smoky canapes and platters or oysters if you're going all out. A well structured Rosé will also compliment just about anything.

Next, a rich and textured Chardonnay is a must for your festive drinking. It will work with roast poultry and pork (with crackling, of course) just as well as it will in a glass sitting beside the pool.

A medium-bodied Syrah or Cabernet is a greatfriend to ham and lamb with its berry flavours mirroring all those Christmas condiments and spices, as well as for summer BBQs that run long into the night.

Pop in and see the team in the Oenothèque to help you choose the perfect wine to accompany your festive celebrations.