Table for Eight - We need to talk about Vermouth

Table for Eight - We need to talk about Vermouth

Hawke's Bay

Vermouth is a standalone delight, not just for mixing and elevating your favourite cocktail!

Join Napier’s adopted master mixer, Andrea Marseglia of Teresa Bar and captainspaghetti92 fame and ferment legend, Alex Hendry of Saorsa Wines and now the new and exciting Vermouth collaboration, Agnese. These two gents are passionate about vermouth, when you’ve finished this Table for Eight Session, you will be too.

Smith & Sheth Sommelier, Jason, alongside Andreas and Alex will host you for a special guided tasting through 6 Vermouths from Andreas’ personal collection and the very cool Agnese range, Alex will impart his knowledge of fine vermouth production, Andrea will explain the best way to serve Bianco and Rosso Vermouth as an aperitif and  how to mix it; he may even demonstrate for us.

Come join the fun, secure your seat now.

Thursday 13 June
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Limit of 8 people per session

Note: there are no physical tickets for this event, all ticket holders will be on the doorlist.